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Health & Wellness

6 Week Evening Fat Blast

Wednesdays,  April 10th-May 15th, 5:30pm-6:30pm
Member $48  Guest $66 (6 workouts) - no drop ins

Join Ginger Rober

This results-based program promises to deliver challenging workouts, clean up eating habits to help you shatter plateaus, and sweaty fun! Ginger will provide the accountability in an energetic and safe environment. This program will help provide you with successful approach to fitness, and can easily fit into your already busy schedule. Step up and accept the challenge and see what success feel like. Melt away the fat with this fitness class! All levels of fitness are welcome!

(minimum 5 registered & prepaid by April 9th, 16 people max)

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4 Week Strength & Conditioning

Monday & Wednesday,  April 29th-May 22nd, 6:30am-7:30am
Member $68  Guest $88 (8 workouts) - no drop ins

Join Morgan Butters

Strength & Conditioning is a functional strength and interval training class focusing on full body strength, cardio, and balance. We will use weights, bands, penalty box, and Bosu Balls to sculpt your entire body and raise your heart rates to also improve cardio conditioning. Join Morgan for a great early morning program for 4 weeks.

(minimum 8 registered & prepaid by April 28th, 12 people max)

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Weights for Women

Tuesdays & Thursdays,  May 14th-May 30th, 7:00am-8:00am
Member $60  Guest $96 (6 workouts) - no drop ins

Join Stefania Bliss

This small-group women’s program will utilize resistance training and muscle conditioning to strengthen and tone your body while jump-starting your metabolism. For many, the free-weight area can often be intimidating. This program will not only burn fat and build lean muscle, but it will provide instruction on the proper use of key gym equipment, allowing you to gain the most out of your workouts. With personalized programming and a pinch of tough-love you will get the muscle definition you want while gaining the right tools to achieve your long-term goals. You can expect a variety of exercises using dumbbells, barbells, cable machines and weight plates. With Stefania leading you through a fun, safe and supportive environment, you will gain the results and knowledge necessary to crush your fitness goals.

(minimum 4 registered & prepaid by May 13th, 5 people max)

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