Yoga at Cranmore Fitness


Astanga Yoga

A unique combination of breathing & flowing movements, which create a high-energy workout. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.
Astanga Yoga is a 90 minute Practice.

Athletic Yoga

A Hatha based yoga class to encourage athletic cross-training and recovery. No matter what the sport, as an athlete, cross-training is very important in enhancing athletic performance, increasing flexibility and preventing injury. In this 60 minutes you will move through a series of poses geared to just that as you strengthen and stretch the muscles of the body, and work on building balance and stamina, all while quieting the mind. Not an athlete? Not to worry- this will still be a great class to add to your weekly practice.

"Core" Values

Building core strength allows us to find harmony within the body, as you encourage the pelvis, low back, hips and abs to work together successfully. You will find yourself performing Pilates based movements along with functional core exercises, occasionally incorporating props and light weights to work on building this strength. Throw this shortened class into your regular workout routine or squeeze it into your already busy day.

Kripala Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is a style of yoga for any one and anybody! This 'yoga of compassion' will help to stretch and tone muscle, increase stamina, release chronic tension, de-stress and relax, calm your mind, bring focus and clarity to your life, and build confidence.
Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare for yoga postures. A series of postures will then stretch, strengthen and balance the body, ending with relaxation and meditation. Classes are open to all levels and all abilities. This class runs for 75 minutes.

Fusion Flow

This class fuses together Pilates and Yoga to form a unique combination forming both practices into one, connecting mind and body. You will be invigorated and revitalized with each session, feeling lighter, stronger and more relaxed after each class. If you are seeking cross training that integrates a focus on core strengthening, while still being mindful of your center this is the practice for you. Fusion Flow will focus primarily on opening the hips and lower back in order to have better access to the deep core musculature. 60 minutes for the advanced/intermediate &
45 minutes for beginner/intermediate.


A moderate class combining flow and holding poses for proper alignment and breath. A nice mix for all levels.
Class lengths vary from 75min-90min.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is a dynamic class that benefits those seeking strength, flexibility, a clear mind and an energy boost. This class will connect breath to movement in order to create a continuous flow of postures that will work the entire body. The use of props and modifications make this class great for all levels, especially for those who want to become more flexible, and enjoy a good sweat.
This class is 75 min in length.