Spinning bikes


Indoor group cycling class where you are led through a journey of hills, sprints and open road.

The Cycling program is an individually paced, non-competitive, group training program designed for all ages and fitness levels. Each bike is equipped with an adjustable resistance knob, which allows each student to select his/her own level of intensity.

Our Instructors are taught how to coach new students and help all participants achieve a fun, safe and challenging workout. (Class descriptions below)

Our Cycling Rides are 45-60 minutes in length.  Instructors subject to change—please arrive early and Inform instructor if you are new to class.

*Value Card pays for Cycling for Guests

Included in membership (June 4-Aug 31, 2018)
Drop in $16
8 Sessions $72

*Value card expires 1 year from date of purchase.

Sign up Policy:
Min of 3, Max of 12 people - group workouts, great energy, changes monthly

Morning class reservation needs to be booked and paid for by 6:00pm the night prior to class with the minimum required # of 3 people paid and reserved. Class will be cancelled by 6pm for morning class if the minimum number is not met.
Evening class reservation needs to be booked and paid for by 12:00 noon the day of class with the minimum require # of 3 people paid and reserved.  Class will be cancelled by 12noon for evening classes if the minimum number is not met.

Cancellation policy for Cycling:

AM Classes: To cancel a reservation for an AM class you need to call by 6pm the night before.
PM Classes: To cancel a reservation for a PM class you need to call by Noon that day.

1) If you do not call to cancel by the posted time you will be charged.
2) If CF cancels, it will be due to weather or instructor you will be notified by text or email based on your request.
3) Please make sure we have your phone # when you sign up so we can call if necessary.

Class Descriptions:
All The Energy Zones: You'll work through a little bit of everything to keep your heart rate up in this class. Push through resistance drills, hills, jumps and work in and out of the saddle.
Gears Up Power Hour: This 60 minute cycling class will have you throwing weight on the wheel, flying through the flats, powering up those hills and sprinting to the finish, a guaranteed great workout for all, whether you are a seasoned cyclists or it’s your first time. Don’t forget your water, and bring a towel too, as sweating is expected. Are you up for it? Tell your body it can do it and it will!
Get Faster!: Short sharp bursts of sprints and hill efforts interspersed with active recovery and longer intervals to test strength and endurance all help to push your lactic acid threshold, annihilate fat, burn calories and build muscle. What more do you need in a cycling class?!
Hills Yeah!: Hills, hills, hills. Short ones, long ones, steep ones, rolling ones. This hour-long class will build leg strength and cardiovascular endurance both on and off the bike, and get you to the top!
Joy Ride: This 60 minutes class offers all of the elements of an indoor cycling class- flats, steeps, cadence, and intervals to get you ready to ride outside or meet your fitness goals. Guaranteed to make you sweat and smile!
Just Roll With It: Intermediate speed work ride that will energize your mood and muscles. This class changes things up every song, so you never get too comfortable.
Taste Of Everything: Get a taste of variety and indoor cycling drills with this fun, fast paced class. You will push through intervals of everything to help you understand different cycling moves and all while testing your endurance.
Time Travel: Cycling: Cycle and sweat your way through the decades. Experience “Time Travel” as you ride to music starting from the 1970s, leading you into the 2000's. This is a fun, high energy ride that will be sure to get that heart rate up as you take a journey through time.