Spinning bikes


Indoor group cycling class where you are led through a journey of hills, sprints and open road.

The Cycling program is an individually paced, non-competitive, group training program designed for all ages and fitness levels. Each bike is equipped with an adjustable resistance knob, which allows each student to select his/her own level of intensity.

Our Instructors are taught how to coach new students and help all participants achieve a fun, safe and challenging workout. Instructors also employ Cycling Energy Zones, which define target heart rate zones for specific training goals. By employing heart rate training, students receive a highly personalized workout.

Our Cycling Rides are 60 minutes in length.  Instructors subject to change—please arrive early and Inform instructor if you are new to class.

Cancellation policy for Cycling:

AM Classes: To cancel a reservation for an AM class you need to call by 6pm the night before.
PM Classes: To cancel a reservation for a PM class you need to call by Noon that day.

1) If you do not call to cancel by the posted time you will be charged.
2) If CF cancels, it will be due to weather or instructor. In either case we will call you.
3) Please make sure we have your phone # when you sign up so we can call if necessary.